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Both leads were selfish and annoying. They're very poorly introduced so for most of the story they're completely unlikable and the only reason you'd root for them to be together is to spare anyone else the heartache of being married to such self-centered people.

They do get better over the course of the book, but their reasons for doing certain things are not valid enough to excuse the results. IMO.

The present tense, first person POV is also not one of my favorite new trends. Some authors pull it off okay, but most come off reading amateurish. One problem I've seen in most of the books I've read that use this device is that it seems to be an invitation to crazy grammar. The usage of "I" and "me" is especially wonky in most of them and I find myself editing too much in my head.

I liked getting both leads' POV regardless of how I was feeling about either one of them at the time. I guess this would be classified as NA, although the leads are around 28 or 29 years old.

One thing I always like is a small town story. This one, though, gave me no real indication of where the town was or anything specific to latch onto. I know it's in a place that gets cold. It's called "Beaumont", and it's a close-knit community. Big enough to have a shopping district, but not big enough to support more than one high school it seems. That's about as well-defined as it gets. So that was disappointing too.

I'm rounding it up to three stars because there really wasn't anything terribly objectionable about it, but it's more like two and a half.