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My relationship with this series has been up and down. The first three had me gritting my teeth to get through (although there were, in all three books, the expected hilarious scenes) because of the behavior of the female protagonists. They really annoyed me.

But there was this character whose book I really wanted to read (Vance), so I stuck with it. The books got steadily better and now we come to the final one of the series.

Ally's a character I wasn't completely warm to. She seemed a lot like Keely in Lorelie James's "Rough Rider" series. The wild child younger sister who got in everyone's faces (and drives me nuts). I liked Ren from his earlier appearances in RC books, but I thought he was going to get ripped off with Ally as his HEA.

Glad to be wrong. Ally has hidden depths. She was far more thoughtful with Ren than I thought she'd be, even though this book centers around her proving herself to everyone else as much as it focuses on the her romance with Ren. After 7 RC books, this was a total change-up to the format and, for me, it was welcome.

The book does read a little like an epilogue to the series and we check in with the other couples, but the story line itself is engaging. Ren is a wonderful hero and Ally is refreshingly aware of this throughout.

It's a really nice series finale. The RC world isn't over, though, as there's a spin-off series taking place in LA. I'll be looking forward to that, although I really hope we don't get some of the relationship-delaying devices KA used in the earlier Rock Chick books. Since this series developed away from that (for the most part), I have high hopes for LA. :)