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Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman - Lorraine Heath Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman is the second book in Heath's "London's Greatest Lovers" trilogy about three brothers who are famously good in bed.

I have to give this one a meh review just as I did the first one. Unfortunately it has a trope that I hate and it went on far too long. The heroine keeps a major secret from the hero and maintains the ruse deep into the story. When that happens I just can't get into the book because I feel like their romance is built on no foundation at all. The actual relationship can't start -- IMO -- until the truth is out so the longer the one character is in the dark, the longer I wait for the real story to begin.

Mercy Dawson brings Stephen Lyons's son to his family thinking Stephen died in the war in the Crimea. His death was misreported and she's shocked when they send for him and he appears. She was a nurse there and tended him and his fellow soldiers, although she was not present when he was so badly wounded he was thought dead and then sent home. She also fell in love with him in a situation we only get hints of for longer than I'd have liked. What we do learn is that the child is not actually Mercy's although he is Stephen's. But everyone thinks she's the mother, Stephen as well, and she just rolls with it. She's come to love the baby and consider herself his mother even though she didn't actually give birth to him. If they all believe she's the result of a tryst she had with Stephen, she'll get to be a part of his life.

Maybe it's just me, but it just really bothers me for the MCs to build their relationship on the back of a lie.

As it's Lorraine Heath, it's not terrible. It's just not up to her standards. It's kind of like she chose the most difficult to like tropes for the three books in this series and succeeded about as well as an author can at writing them. So, while I always enjoy something about an LH book, there are definitely much better efforts in her backlist.