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Always to Remember - Lorraine Heath This was the last of my Lorraine Heath Texas story backlist and it was a very good read. A strong 4.5, I'd say.

For a romance novel it's very thought provoking. I might have been bothered by the heroine, but Heath humanized her and invited empathy. I had to wonder how I would feel in the same circumstances, knowing only the little she could know. The story touches heavily on the irrationality of grief and the variety of ways that people can show courage. I thought about it long after I turned the final page.

Two complaints. This tale is like so many other stories of this era in that it ends a few pages after everything works out. It does have an epilogue, but it's not as thorough as some of Heath's later, exquisite epilogues, so I was left wanting more. My second complaint is that Clay is a saint. A true saint. Maybe just a bit too perfect. That didn't stop me from loving him and feeling all kinds of anger and sadness on his behalf, I just felt he was a bit too good to be true.

In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I'm only sad that I don't have any of these older stories left to savor.