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Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley Solid 4.5 for me. I liked this first installment in the Chaos series. The characters are carry-overs from the Dream Man series about six years further on from the end of that one. It works well to advance so far between books, and I really loved seeing how things had progressed.

This book had a lot of moments that had me tearing up. A lot of heart-wrenching events and some moments where I, as a reader, felt deeply for what the characters were going through. Ashley has a real gift for triggering reader empathy and it makes for very satisfying reading experiences.

Tabby and Shy are a couple who have known their share of hardship and tragedy even though neither one of them is unloved or uncared for. They aren't alone individually, but they're definitely better together. Everything falls into place for them.

And once they do get together it's the real deal from the start. They fit and they've got each other's backs. But that doesn't mean angst and heartache won't happen, it just comes from outside sources.

As in Motorcycle Man, the alpha male main character says and does some things that I think I'm not going to get over, and then I do. I can't explain it, it just seems to happen with this author. He wasn't as difficult as Tack but he sure had his moments.

I really liked this one, even though it wasn't as funny as some of the Dream Man stories. If you haven't already, it would be good to read the Dream Man series -- or at least Motorcycle Man -- before reading this book.