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Law Man (Dream Man, #3) - Kristen Ashley Well, this one was the weakest KA I've read so far. Just kind of laid there for me.

Mara is a huge part of the problem. I liked her at first, and I got that there were things in her past that made her feel so inferior in both looks and status, but it went on forEVER. She was reduced to responding with "um" or "uh" again and again for at least half the book. It became a real challenge to believe Mitch had any reason to be so attracted to her. It wasn't her sparkling wit and charming personality (with him, at least).

Mitch was slightly disappointing as well. I had seen him as a little more refined in the other Dream Man books. Not upper crusty, but the thuggish jargon he was using here didn't really make itself apparent when I'd seen him in other stories. It didn't fit for me. I'd been looking forward to something a little different and it felt like he'd been shoehorned into the character template of the other dream men.

But there were some really poignant moments, especially with the kids. Mara's skanky, numbnuts cousin is a danger to himself and others and Mara has to step in and be the adult. That works pretty well once you get past the fact that she sure took her time rescuing them.

We also got some other POVs which isn't the norm for the series. We checked in with Mitch a couple of times throughout the book and also with Billy. I like to break away from 1st person as the unreliable narrator gets on my nerves when it's the only way to get information at all.

The epilogue is interesting, set far in the future, but that makes it really effective for this story considering Mara and the kids' issues with not being able to trust others to be there for them for the long haul.

Not terrible, I was just a little disappointed in this one compared to the others in the Dream Man series.