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Wild Man (Dream Man, #2) - Kristen Ashley Tess is the owner of a cake shop called Tessa's Cakes. She's survived an ugly marriage and divorce and she's experiencing success in her business. She's also dating a really hot guy who makes her happy.

Brock AKA Slim is her hot guy. He's also the cop who's undercover on an investigation into her scumbag ex-husband. She's not happy about having been lied to, and Brock's not happy about having had to lie. He's fallen hard for her, but he has to convince her he's for real.

It's a romantic read, but the structure was a little wonky. We deal with the two of them working it out, his family, a little bit of her family, some dysfunction, some ugliness … all of it personal. But there was a danger plot hanging outside the romance thread that was completely ignored until the last act. It felt like a red herring when things finally started to happen in that area because we'd been focused on the romance and family drama.

Still, the danger plot brought about a really great reaction from Tess when she was actually put to the test. She was great.

Ultimately a satisfying read despite feeling it was a little oddly organized.