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A Table for Three - Lainey Reese Sex, more sex, some more sex ... and some more sex .... followed by a great, big helping of sex. With a little sex on the side.

Not much story. Fresh-faced, beautiful girl, Riley, comes to NYC from Washington state to start a new job. Her first night in town she goes to an exclusive club where she's admitted immediately. Owner of club, Cade, sees her, goes to kick her out because of her innocence -- not the club's target clientele -- and falls for her in two seconds. Calls his best friend, Trevor, who always, always, always shares girlfriends with him and tells Trevor to get over there, Cade's found The One They've Been Looking For.

And ... yeah ... that's about it. Sex ensues and doesn't stop.

Oh, there's a murder plot, but it only pauses the sex for a few pages.

Three stars because it was endearing despite the lack of story. And, although it was sex overload, it was pretty good sex, so it's got that going for it.