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Lover at Last - J.R. Ward I had a checklist of things I wanted to see in the Qhuinn/Blay arc of this book and all but one of those things happened in this story. That's enough to give it four stars.

The side stories fluctuate between being completely tedious and skimmable to pretty intriguing and promising. And, oddly enough, those side stories got more interesting in the second half of the book while the main story got less interesting in the second half. Up until the final 15% of the book when things finally came together beautifully.

You'll see all the things fans love to complain about. Continuity problems, plot reuse, and repetitive, gratuitous and seemingly endless inner monologues. And that could ruin the book for you ... if you let it.

The highs in this book are incredibly high. It's a very emotional read with scenes that match some of the best scenes of the series. The lows are pretty much just "meh". So if you absolutely must focus on the things that bother you -- the things that happen book after book after book -- then you might have a problem with LaL. If you focus on the things that JRW does very, very well, there's a good chance you'll enjoy this book and be very satisfied.

The beginning is clunky and those side story lines are tedious, but it's worth sticking it out for a really nice conclusion.

This book was Agency 6 priced so it lost one full star off the top. I take a half-star for all the things that bugged me, but only half because if those things bothered me so much they were worth more than half a star I'd have to wonder what the heck was wrong with me for continuing to buy the books in the first place. ;)