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The Ideal Man - Julie Garwood I guess my expectations were low, because I liked this one despite it's obvious weakness as a novel.

The Ideal Man follows the Garwood suspense template closely. Dr. Ellie Sullivan goes for a quick run and manages to witness a shooting. FBI agent Max Daniels puts himself in charge of her safety. They're instantly attracted to each other and they're playing kissy-face within two days of meeting each other.

There's plenty of Garwood's trademark humor and the chemistry was boosted by their casual banter. At times the book felt more like a slice-of-life family drama, but that was all okay, too. For some reason what might have driven me crazy at another time didn't really bother me this time.

Anyone who's read Garwood's other suspense novels will be able to predict pretty each move in the plot line. But there's something to be said for familiarity from time to time. :)

PS: One star was automatically deducted from this review for Agency 6 pricing. I was lucky. I got the hard cover at the Goodwill book store for $2.99. Anyone buying it on e-book will be fleeced by the publisher as usual.