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A Week to Be Wicked - Tessa Dare This was better than the first in the series. The couple met in that book -- A Night to Surrender -- and they sparked like crazy. Not in a good way. So you just knew they were destined to end up together.

Lord Colin Sandhurst is an unserious rake who can't wait to get back to his life in London after taking care of the Spindle Cove militia started by his cousin, the Earl of Rycliff (A Night to Surrender's hero). Colin has all kinds of back story that make his behavior make sense, but he's definitely a charmer and a player.

Minerva Highwood is a bluestocking geologist who loves Spindle Cove and doesn't ever want to leave. She came with her family for her sister's health and found all the freedom to explore that she's been wanting her whole life. She can't stand Colin Sandhurst. Mmm-hmmm. Just keep telling yourself that, girl.

The premise is implausible, but the journey is fun. I really liked both leads and I wasn't sure I would considering Minerva's penchant for physical violence in the previous book. But she ended up being a lovely, plain-Jane heroine. When that trope is pulled off, I like it very much. It's just so seldom successful that it's amongst my most hated story lines.

Colin's story is poignant and Min is the perfect leading lady for him. When she finally understands him, she really gets him. And he pulls her out of her shell in a way nobody else ever could have.

It's a satisfying story despite it's too-modern language and clunky set-up. It definitely made me smile.

This series is not Agency 6 priced. (Which also makes me smile)