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Texas Glory - Lorraine Heath This is the weakest of the Leigh Family trilogy. Dallas and Dee were completely mismatched for most the story and the entire plot was built on contrivance on top of contrivance. One long misunderstanding.

I found it incredibly annoying that no one, not even Amelia, clued into the fact that Dee's family would have told her the worst things about Dallas and that someone -- Amelia being the perfect someone -- needed to sit down and talk to her about what she'd been told and sift through fact from fiction with her. It didn't make any sense that they just let it sit there. Especially Amelia who's always sticking her nose in everything anyway.

Ultimately, I was happy to see them get together. However, as with all stories that are built so inorganically, the ending feels like the point when the story should actually start. Like you've been treading through mud the entire time, and just when all that muck gets cleared up, it's over.

It's a weak installment in the series, but it's helpful for back story in the next book. And, of course, Houston and Amelia are there and we meet young Rawley Cooper who is a wonderful, poignant character in the story. It's not a waste. It's just not one of Heath's better efforts, IMO.