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Texas Destiny - Lorraine Heath This is an older book by Lorraine Heath and it does feel a little dated. The story is pretty basic: Houston, a man who was facially disfigured in the Civil War when he was only 15 goes to meet his brother's mail-order-bride-to-be to bring her back to the ranch. Houston's brother broke his leg and can't make it. It's a three week trip from the train station to their ranch. So there's a lot of time for Amelia to get to know shy, reticent Houston and fall desperately in love with him.

I loved both leads quite a bit. The story weakens as it gets stuck in a rut. They're at the ranch, Amelia's going to marry the brother, Dallas, but she loves Houston who doesn't seem to want her. Honor is involved, promises made, self-loathing, yadda yadda yadda. It's good, angsty stuff, but it felt a little redundant after a bit.

Ultimately, though, I enjoyed it and picked up the next book right away. I became very invested in the Leigh family and I ended up tearing through all three books in a weekend.

Heath has a very good record of success with her novels. I like her Texas historicals as much, if not more, than her regencies. Texas Destiny is a good start to the trilogy.