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Deck the Halls With Love - Lorraine Heath Very short, but I enjoyed it very much. Now I have to go back and reread the second book of this trilogy to see if I was perhaps too harsh.

I barely remember Chetwyn from that book, although he played a major role. I do recall being annoyed at the ending though, and thinking it was contrived and senseless. This story gives it sense and explains Chetwyn's motivation.

Meredith is a lovely heroine. She came around to the hero's side of things in an organic way and I never felt like she was silly or insipid.

This story is perfect if you have a break and you want to get through something from start to finish. It's a reminder of why I love so many of Lorraine Heath's stories (and I always forgive her for the duds).

And the excerpt for the third installment of the Lost Lords of Pembroke trilogy really caught my interest. Can't wait for that one either. :)