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A Kiss For Midwinter - Courtney Milan A good 4.5 read. I was slightly disappointed by The Duchess War so I went into this book with a little bit of trepidation. To be honest, the main reason is because my expectations of this author are so high. She's absolutely my favorite discovery of the last year.

This story had a sweet tale, a nice, but damaged couple and a very happy ending. I came near tears several times and laughed out loud at others. I found both characters to be genuine and decent people and that made it that much easier to root for them.

I was a little annoyed at Lydia for parts of it, but then I would also want to shake Jonas as well. This is a couple that I wouldn't mind checking in with again in the future.

I love Lydia's father as well. I'm so tired of fathers being portrayed as crappy, selfish jerks. It's so nice to see one place his love for his child above every other consideration. Very gratifying to see that kind of portrayal for once.

As always, I highly recommend Courtney Milan's historical romances. They're always full of surprises and poignant moments. Milan is a bright spot in a genre that's otherwise nearly played out.