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My Kind of Christmas - Robyn Carr Meh. This story never really took off for me.

Naval aviator Patrick Riordan is on a six week leave after suffering the loss of his best friend during a mission of which Patrick (Paddy) was the leader. He's going through PTSD and grief and he has an unhealthy obsession with taking care of his best friend's widow and young son. I get it, he's going through a horrible time and his actions aren't necessarily logical. But then he needs to go through it. His phone conversations with the aforementioned widow are redundant. Again and again they say pretty much the same things to each other in a vaguely different way. Nothing pushes him to the next stage of his transition. We just go along the same track for the entire book.

Erstwhile med school student Angie LaCroix (Jack Sheridan's niece) is in town seeking recovery as well. She suffered traumatic injuries in a serious car accident and now she's rethinking her original life's plan. Just like Paddy.

They fit well together, I liked that they got along right away. I liked Angie quite a bit, particularly when she was purposefully getting under her uncle's skin.

But Paddy's story sucks the life out of it. It was unemotional and just laid there until the very end. When he was with Angie, it was great. When he was in any other scene he was annoying and watered down. Which was disappointing because he was a very promising leading man at the start.

My favorite Virgin River book is Virgin River Christmas. I love a good holiday story and that one has all the appropriate angst and provides a powerful emotional arc for the hero as well as for the heroine. This one has similar traits, but doesn't come close to measuring up.