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Death of a Pirate King - Josh Lanyon Oh Adrien! How many times can my heart break for you. I felt like throwing up a few times reading this book I was so emotional.

The mystery was great. Lanyon has referred to something a couple of times in the AE books. Adrien is a mystery writer and he often thinks to himself: "that only happens in mystery novels". Well, the solution to the mystery isn't really what happens in mystery novels. I was able to figure it out but not before Adrien did, and that's what I love about Lanyon's writing. The mysteries are really well played.

Do I sound over-enthusiastic? I am. Oh, I truly am. I just downloaded book 5 and, while I'll be sad to say goodbye to Adrien, I'll continue with Lanyon's backlist totally confident that I'll be entertained and engaged throughout.