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Second Chance Pass - Robyn Carr This is more like a 3.60. I just really didn't love this one as much as the others. It was engrossing, but most of the time I was frustrated.

It's the women. For some reason, in Second Chance Pass, they're all crazy, or bitchy or stupid or a combination of all three. It's very annoying. I've liked the female leads in all the books up until this one. Most of the women, not just Vanni, were practically howl-at-the-moon nuts. And the men came off as more whipped than usual, which is far from my preference.

There were a lot of stories woven in this time. It felt more like a skim over the populace rather than a fully realized arc, but then Carr's Virgin River series isn't organized in strict arcs anyway. Second Chance Pass just seemed to have more focal points, though. Three romances total that all related back to the title, two births, several goodbyes and a Big Event that wraps it all up. That's a lot for one book.

I love the new building going on in Virgin River. I love that more people are coming to the town and falling in love with it. I don't know what new characters that popped up in this one will pop up in further books, but there are a lot of new possibilities now.

I didn't out and out sob reading this one, although the conversation between Rick and Jack almost did the trick. Keep the tissues handy, though. Just because I didn't weep uncontrollably doesn't mean my throat didn't tighten up at several moments. Your mileage may vary.

The best thing about this series is that you come to know the characters so well that, even if they just show up in the background you feel like you've really checked in with them. And you feel like the town's a part of your own experience, which is a very impressive accomplishment for Carr.

No, I didn't love this installment. I do love the series, though, and I'm anxious to move on to the next one. I'll get there, but after a few other books in the TBR. And I will definitely have the tissues in easy reach.

ETA: There are some mild spoilers in the comments.