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Sunrise Point - Robyn Carr I was definitely disappointed in this latest installment in the Virgin River series.

I liked Tom and Nora and I saw their spark and chemistry, but I didn't enjoy the way their romance progressed. There was so much time spent with a potential other girlfriend who clearly wasn't going to come even close, it felt very contrived and forced. And then suddenly the two leads are hooked up and we're heading toward the end. A lot of time enjoying a real budding romance wasted, IMO.

I enjoyed the developments in Nora's life. She's a nice character with a good work ethic and a desire to better her situation for herself and her children in the most honest way possible.

Tom's development was a little tedious considering he didn't really have much to overcome aside from his own narrow standards. He does learn a lot, but he's a smart guy, he could have learned it faster.

So, I can't rate this one very highly, but I did like the leads. Better luck next time.

ETA: I also have a huge complaint on being flim-flammed on the price. I paid $6.39 for this book because I pre-ordered it. A week after release it's now priced at $3.99. Message received. I will never pre-order a Virgin River book again. And I'll wait until a week or two past release to buy it. What a terrible way to punish the most loyal fans of a series.