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I read. I write. I talk about reading and writing. That is when I'm not driving kids somewhere or teaching them. Married, educated, domesticated. I really enjoy the friends I've met through a variety of different message boards and venues regarding reading and authors. I try to take a positive view when I write reviews but sometimes I can't. Those times are few and far between, but they do exist. I'm mostly an old softy, though. I think so anyway.

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The Well of Ascension - Brandon Sanderson Mind. Blown.

Won't say much because this is the second book of a trilogy and the story is so tightly crafted my impressions won't mean much until I've read the whole thing.

The adventure, the suspense, the poignancy were all dead on in this installment. Even the parts that I thought I didn't love as much made so much more sense by the end. I still have a few story speculations going on, but I'll keep them to myself until after I've read the third installment.

If you like epic fantasy and you haven't read this trilogy, you absolutely must get started.