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Magic in the Shadows - Devon Monk Was going to round this up to four stars, but decided not to.

This is the third installment in the Allie Beckstrom series by Devon Monk. I had one major problem with this book that brought it down by major points.

What's the problem? Allie Beckstrom. She was a menace in this story. A danger to herself and others. Not just a danger but an extreme danger. Every time someone would tell her to do (or not do) something she'd defy them. Why? She knows she doesn't know what the others know but she's tired of being bossed around. Really? It happens again and again and she really does put other people in danger. Even as she realizes she's screwed up she does it over and over.

And by the end I am not convinced she's actually learned a lesson from all of this. It's extremely annoying.

However, Zayvion is particularly good in this book and some new characters are introduced that I really like and look forward to seeing more of. So I'm in for at least another few books. Hopefully this was just a blip in the Allie Beckstrom-verse because I doubt I'll be able to stay interested in the series for the sake of the side characters alone.

Still, it's a good series and I did end up staying up very late to finish it. The story itself was quite good and developed to a really exciting end. Oh, and something that I wasn't too keen on in the first two books is explained and -- hopefully -- dispensed with as far as Allie's concerned. There should be more info about it in later books, but it shouldn't be a narrator problem anymore and that's a good thing.