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Magic in the Blood - Devon Monk Another good one. I have to stop myself after this one or I'll devour the whole series in one go and that would be bad.

In the world of this series magic has been discovered and harnessed and is sold like a utility. Anyone can use it if they've got the means to buy it or they only use it for tiny things. It also demands a secondary price for itself, giving the user a fever, headache, pain, even blackouts in the aftermath of its use.

It's an interesting world. Set in Portland, Oregon, Devon Monk's Allie Beckstrom series is similar to other kick-ass female magic-user series and, IMO, just as good. Allie is a likable character that I root for and the love interest is swoony and frustrating like the best of UF love interests. He's not the typical alpha, which is nice, although no one could ever call him beta. Zayvion Jones is unique.

In this installment, Allie is coming back from recuperating from a magic-induced coma. She's lost her memories of a few weeks, and she needs money. A lot has happened to her that she doesn't remember.

The memory loss is a major element of the story and I'm not sure I'm going to continue to like it. I'm not sure it can be dealt with as realistically as an element like that needs to be. For instance, her journal is vague and spotty. If I were losing my memories at random times, I would be as thorough and specific as possible. It's pointless to have some little tidbit that doesn't go into detail. So I get frustrated with the heroine because I think she's not putting the effort into being effective. This is another good reason to take a break because I'll start thinking about that aspect too much.

Overall this is as enjoyable as Ilona Andrews or Patricia Briggs, for me. I'm only two books in, and I'm hoping the world continues to build and become more specific for me. I want to understand how magic is used -- particularly as a weapon -- as we go along. I think we'll get there, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the ride.