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Hot Zone - Catherine Mann Another good suspense romance by Catherine Mann. I didn't love it as much as the first one in the series -- Cover Me -- but that's probably because this one starts in a situation that is really one of my worst phobias (I've even had nightmares) and stays there for the first 10% of the book! That's not a bad thing, I think, if you aren't like me. I actually had to skim a little at first because of it.

But enough about me. Hugh Franco and Amelia Bailey both have reasons for not falling in love with anyone. This being the Elite Force series, they meet each other under extreme conditions and all those reasons are pushed aside for survival.

I don't want to give too much info because there are some small spoilers that are nice to discover fresh, so I'll end the description there.

In the last book there was a secondary romance featured and this book has two. One that actually gets resolved and one that may be the basis of the next book. I like all the Elite Ops characters, they seem like good heroes for romance novels. They're all well-trained, buff, and willing to go above and beyond. So far the two lead heroines in this series have been smart and capable. Amelia even admonishes herself to stay put and not be "too stupid to live" (her words) at one point. The romances are very satisfying.

While Mann does write a steamy sex scene, I found myself skimming those. I actually liked the suspense/relationship side of the story more and wanted to get back to that. But if you like steam, it's here in abundance.

If you like suspense romance with burly, damaged heroes and smart heroines, I think you'll like Mann's "Elite Force" series.