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Very nice historical romance. I liked both leads, the tension of the various situations (not just sexual) was apparent and accessible, and the ending was satisfying.

This series is about two families that hate each other: the Everseas and the Redmonds. They both live in Pennyroyal Green but they don't interact at all if they can help it. The books switch off as to which family is featured. For some reason the Redmonds always seem to come off negatively (although I liked Miles Redmond's book quite a bit). There's some small bit of redemption at the end for one of the characters and a good comeuppance for another, but still I feel the Everseas are portrayed much more positively.

This actually isn't really even a "Redmond" book. The female lead is a short-term paid companion to a member of the Redmond family. This family member shows up throughout the book, but the connection is really tangential.

So I guess we can't really say we know what's going to happen next in any Pennyroyal Green novel, can we?

I did love this book, though. It was poignant, romantic and laugh-out-loud funny at several points. Nice Christmas gift for me. :)