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Magic Gifts (Kate Daniels, #5.4) - Ilona Andrews This was a free download from the Ilona Andrews team and it's pretty darn impressive. They could have made good money off this story -- a full novella, not a short -- but they gave it to readers for free. Very nice.

The story line itself is very good. It starts with Kate and Curran attempting to have a dinner date (why do they even try?) and ends up with them embroiled in a fight against time to save a child. Wow. Suspenseful and action packed. As satisfying as anything I've paid full price for.

My one complaint is not against the authors but against whomever was pre-reading the book for them before publication. There are many niggling little errors that someone who put in a little effort should have found and flagged for them. I know they had pre-readers, but I can't imagine what they actually did. I don't blame authors for these things because they can't really be expected to fine-tooth comb the stories they've written. They're just too close to the material and they're often working on other projects as well. So if you volunteer to pre-read for an author, put some effort in, peeps. It's not just a free book or the opportunity to read something before everyone else can, it's you doing a favor for someone you supposedly like.

Even with the constant in-my-head editing, though, the story holds up. And that's saying a lot. I highly recommend the Magic series by Ilona Andrews. This is just a small part of it so start at the beginning with "Magic Bites" if you haven't already.