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A Kiss at Midnight - Eloisa James Ultimately the anachronisms depressed the rating of this one. That and the thin plot holding up the over-stuffed and over-long story.

Eloisa James is a new find for me. This series is all based on fairy tales and, as such, I do expect them to veer away from traditional historical novels. But I cannot accept a Regency era woman saying someone should "man up". Sorry, it takes me right out of it. And that's not the only one. There are several.

I'm usually okay with anachronisms when they don't go too overboard. Gender roles and societal expectations are often twisted into pretzels in historical romances and that doesn't throw me. But slang? Nah. Can't get past it.

I really loved James's two novellas that are attached to this series. The problem is that this book probably could also have been a novella. It was padded like a feather pillow and simply went on too long. The leads had great chemistry, it just seemed like they were fighting through weeds to get to the most obvious milestones.

I'm in for the whole series. I read the sample chapters and I've been enticed enough to want to know what happens in the other books, but I hope the stories are either the correct length (I'm not someone who demands more pages, I demand the right number of pages) or the plot and the story are evenly matched to create a cohesive, not over-balanced whole.