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Hail Mary (Jim Knighthorse series, #3) - J.R. Rain This one was a little hard for me to rate. While I still love Jim Knighthorse and the story was effectively funny and poignant, I sometimes felt that it went too far into the didactic.

JR Rain seems to have found a cause. It's a very worthy cause, believe me. It's tough to read about. He actually does the didactic better than most authors who indulge in this form. The story is affected by the cause, it's not a distraction to anything so that's a plus. But there were several times that I felt I was being written at rather than , written for. If that makes sense. Agenda writing so often feels that way and the changes in the main character don't feel entirely organic. It makes me worry a bit about the future of the series.

Ultimately the mystery was short-changed by the results of the investigation. I don't want to put any spoilers in so that's really all I can say. The secondary story line's mystery had pretty much already been solved at the end of the last book, so its fruition was like a tease throughout this one. I was glad to see it settled, though, and it made for some of the most powerful moments in the book.

I like the one new addition to the cast very, very much and I hope he has a lot of face time in the next book. Hehehe - how's that for a tease?

There were typos and grammatical errors that I feel could have been dealt with in copyediting. It's not as egregious or infuriating as when I've bought a high priced agency 6 book, but I feel I do need to mention it since Rain is actually a good author and these minor errors shouldn't distract from his work.

Overall it's a solid four even after my criticism. Jim Knighthorse is a crack-up and I'm eagerly looking forward to the next installment.