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Monster Hunter International - Larry Correia As a Jim Butcher fan, I have seen Larry Correia's name crop up a number of times as a recommendation. Hard core urban fantasy with lots of blood and guts and gore. Sounds good, right?

Much more gory than Jim Butcher, I must say. Possibly even more gory than Ilona Andrews.

But it was really fun. Another first person POV but at least the protag isn't a paranormal PI. He starts the book as an accountant. Then he becomes a mercenary who also happens to be a hero.

The author is clearly a gun-nut and he has a little something to say about every model of gun or ordnance he references but that's part of the fun. Did I always know what he was talking about in regard to weapons? No. But I don't always know what the doctors are talking about in the books I read, either. I just enjoy the rhythm of the expertise. ;)

Owen Z Pitt is a guy who was pretty much meant to be so much more than he's chosen to be at the beginning. He's huge, at least 6'4" and 300 pounds. He's a pencil-pushing accountant who knows his guns and knows how to fight hand-to-hand, which really helps when his boss shape-shifts into a werewolf right in front of him. This incident brings him to the attention of Monster Hunter International and his destiny.

This is a long book -- more than 700 pages -- and it's not available in e-book. But it's also published by Baen so you're not contributing to any agency shenanigans when you buy. (ETA: It actually is available in e-book but only from the Baen website)

I've already ordered the second book in the series (there are three so far) and I'm looking forward to getting to it. If you like politically incorrect urban fantasy with lots of action (there were at least 3 scenes that were worthy of being the climactic action sequence in another book), some decent laughs, and a tiny bit of romance, this book might just be for you.