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Bring Me Home for Christmas - Robyn Carr Rounding up from three and a half stars. I never completely warmed up to Becca. I would have liked more of Denny's POV since he's a more likable character.

Of course, this book made me cry several times. So many of them do and I love the Christmas story aspect.

Carr's writing, as always, is pretty didactic, but we didn't get much lecturing on women's health issues this time, so that's a plus. Warning: Mel does appear in this book. But she's mostly innocuous and doesn't have her own story line, so that's good.

The book focuses on the main couple which is a departure from most Virgin River books. I liked that aspect of it and that's probably what pushed it closer to four stars than three.

This is a non-agency 6 publication so, of course, I recommend supporting this series. ;-)