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Monster Hunter Alpha - Larry Correia Just finished it and I'm still hyped. As with the other Monster Hunter Nation series installments, this story is action packed with lots of humor and well-drawn characters.

I don't like to read anything about these books before I read them so I went in not knowing about the POV switch. I got used to it quickly and, while I did miss the old gang, the new characters were engaging enough to keep the story alive and flowing. I do hope we see more of MHI in the next book, though -- along with some of the folks we met this time. I do, however, think it's a smart move for Correia to change POVs so early in the series, opening up infinite possibilities for further stories.

This installment is dark and suspenseful. I always get stressed out when I read these books, but it's only because Correia makes me care so much about the characters. He creates situations that seem insurmountable, but he always manages to solve problems organically and in a way that's always true to the characters and the world building.

Major gore in this one. At one point even Earl Harbinger says a recent battle contained one of the grossest things he's ever seen. Now that's bad. Still, even though I'm not the biggest fan of gross-out battles, it fits with the whole premise of the series and anything less graphic would feel whitewashed and false.

Correia's writing has improved from book to book. Not that it was bad to begin with, it's just that the first book of the series -- Monster Hunter International -- had a "new writer" feel to it that the following books have shed. Of course, that could just be due to the world being introduced and now its flowing smoothly for the reader.

When I read these books I become fully immersed. It's surround-sound VR in book form for me so I waited for a long weekend to crack it. Can't have real life duties intrude on one of my favorite UF action fixes.

The only problem is that it's the last one available so far in the series so now I have to wait.

Published by Baen so it's not agency priced. The e-books are not sold through Amazon, but can be purchased from the Baen website very reasonably.