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I read. I write. I talk about reading and writing. That is when I'm not driving kids somewhere or teaching them. Married, educated, domesticated. I really enjoy the friends I've met through a variety of different message boards and venues regarding reading and authors. I try to take a positive view when I write reviews but sometimes I can't. Those times are few and far between, but they do exist. I'm mostly an old softy, though. I think so anyway.

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Silent in the Grave - Deanna Raybourn I don't know what to categorize this book. It's a historical in first person POV and it has romantic overtones, but it's not a romance. It's a mystery, so maybe that's what it should be called. A historical mystery.

Anyway, books 1 and 2 of this series have been sitting on my Kindle for about two years now. I don't know why I was never compelled to read them, but recently my friend, Julianna, started rating them highly so I decided to dive in. And I'm glad I did. What a treat.

Lady Julia is a great, complex character. At some moments I felt so sorry for her, and then at others I was exasperated. Other moments she was hilarious and others she broke my heart.

It bogged at a couple of points in the middle but then something would happen and the whole thing would pick up. By the end I absolutely couldn't put it down.

I didn't solve the mystery before the big reveal, either.

I'm very tempted to jump right to book 2 but I'm going to wait. At least a day or two.

So, remember, it's a historical mystery told in first person POV with romantic overtones but it's not a romance. It's in a category all its own. :)