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Chasin' Eight (Rough Riders #11) - Lorelei James I did like this book quite a bit. It's not at the top of my McKay family faves, but it's not at the bottom either.

Chase and Ava are a fun couple when they're just relaxing and having fun together. Their chemistry is undeniable and they hit it off immediately. Unfortunately, all this perfect-togetherness makes the middle of the book a little boring. If they'd been chased by paparazzi or something. Some kind of tension going on, it wouldn't have bogged down.

But that was a minor quibble. I found it interesting that we stuck with Ava and Chase -- away from the rest of the McKays for the most part -- throughout the entire book. We had some cameos, but until the end there was no big McKay family gathering. And the one at the end is quite small.

I liked their inner monologues, mostly. Sometimes both leads were very immature, but they were both evolving quickly due to their individual "wake up calls".

There was some poignancy, which was good, but it led to some didactic dialogue that was unfortunate. I understood the reaction and the new obsession, but it wasn't laid out very organically, IMO.

There was also a new character introduced suddenly toward the end. That part of the story was handled ... not well. It could easily have been filtered through the entire book with a few highlights on the couple in question. Having a section from the new character's POV was jarring and told you pretty much from the first sentence what was going on. It could have been handled much more subtly and the POV switch from Chase and Ava (the only other POVs in the book at all) could have been peppered throughout so it wasn't such a "what the?" Otherwise, I'm interested to see where this "shameless sequel bait" (Ridley) leads. To sex and romance and sex, no doubt. ;-)