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To Conquer a Highlander - Mary Wine Two and a half but I'll round it up because the hero's pretty good.

I'll be brief. The heroine in this book nearly made it a DNF for me. She was introduced as someone who'd had a hard life; abused by her father, made to be subservient as a female and especially to the Laird (dear old dad). So the spark she shows when she meets up with Torin McLeren is nice to see.

Then that spark turns to acid. We don't see her fighting what should be second nature to her at this point: the subservience that's been pounded into her. Where did she learn such pride? There's no progression, she skips from knowing she has no choices to someone who fights everything at every turn. No evolution or arc. And it's not like she has some great pride in or loyalty to her clan, she's ashamed of their actions so what's her problem? She's being treated with more respect and kindness than she's ever known and she's a brat the whole time.

I honestly didn't understand what Torin saw in her. Sure, we got her inner thoughts, but he saw nothing but nasty. And even her inner thoughts were bratty and selfish a good deal of the time.

By the end she keeps thinking about her "pride". I should search the word on my Kindle and see how many times it's used. A lot. All the way to the end. She's really an unlikable twit.

Torin deserved much better, although he was constantly being smug which only caused more acid to flow his way -- every time. So ... kinda dumb if he wants a little sugar now and then.

The book felt very long for the story and the worst part of all is that it started out so well. It had promise of intrigue and action and that fell by the wayside to a story of sniping and sex.

Very disappointing.