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Breaking Point - Pamela Clare I'm glad I read most of this book in the privacy of my own home because I would have been very embarrassed by my eyes bugging out, my gasps of horror, my exclamations of "no!", "don't!", "hurry!", and then there would be the utter humiliation of the drooling. Can't have that.

Breaking Point is the fifth in Pamela Clare's "I-Team" series and it's a great installment that might be one of the top romantic suspense stories of the year. I know, the year's not even half over but I'm pretty confident. It's that good.

I-Team reporter Natalie Benoit is attending a conference in Mexico with other journalists when their bus is attacked by drug cartel Los Zetas and she's abducted. Deputy US Marshall Zach McBride has already been in the Zetas' clutches for about six days by the time Natalie becomes his "neighbor". He's been tortured nearly to death and she's terrified beyond reason. How will they survive this ordeal? Together, of course!

What follows is part action/suspense/adrenaline-spiked road trip and part romance. Natalie and Zach belong together, that's obvious. The obstacles are believable, but so is the resolution.

This is probably the most action packed of the series. Almost no down time and I was thrilled to my toes that our old friends Julian, Marc and *sighs* Gabe play an integral role in the Big Finish. I'd like to take this moment to suggest a spin-off novella focusing on this SDUSM team in action together again. There must be something they can do. I'd even read about a beer run if these guys were starring in it.

But I digress. I do that sometimes.

This is part of a series, but each book has its own unique arc so they can each be read as a standalone.

Clare's research is meticulous and her descriptions bring all the elements to life. She also writes historical novels that are highly recommended.