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Scoundrel - Zoe Archer Four and a half stars rounded up.

I liked this installment in the "Blades of the Rose" series better than the previous. "Warrior" was very good, but this one captured my attention earlier and kept it longer. I really enjoyed the action and the romance -- it was an excellent mix.

The leads are great. Bennet is an unrepentant ladies' man and London is just finding her way in a totally new world. Their chemistry was very apparent and they were an engaging couple throughout. I did skim through some of the sex scenes ... sorry ... but the romance outside of the sack was what was the most compelling.

My one complaint about the series is the presentation of the villains. They're part of a group called "The Heirs" and they're out for the glory of England. Um. And? They say they work for the government, but is their work government sanctioned? It's hard to tell. And what of the other nationalities that have similar groups that have been referenced? Why are the Blades never running into any of them? They're all after the same "sources", right? For all the specificity regarding the "sources" I feel like the villains are left fairly vague. Seems lazy, especially when compared to the amazing detail of the rest of the narrative.

In any case, this installment is really enjoyable. I have the bundle so I've already got the next two on deck and I'll be getting to them in due time. With bundles it's hard not to just turn the page and continue on, but I've managed to stick with Dina's Rules.

I recommend this series to people who like adventure romance. It's highly entertaining, has unique settings and a bit of paranormal. Some have likened it to Indiana Jones and I think that fits. Enjoy.