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The Dark Tide, by Josh Lanyon

The Dark Tide - Josh Lanyon

I'm giving this a five although the ending almost lost it a star. The series as a whole is so wonderful, though, I had to round it up.

Why didn't I like the ending? Because this is, apparently, the last book of the series. It ends very abruptly and leaves a lot hanging that I'd like to know about. In fact, there was one huge thing that I thought definitely needed to be dealt with but the book was over.

As a romance reader, I need my epilogue or my Chapter of Contentedness. Where we see how it all worked out and how they're going forward. If this is indeed the final book for Adrien English I feel slightly dissatisfied at the lack of conclusion. I need closure, dammit! o_O

Not that I wouldn't recommend this series very highly. It's amazing. I have another friend downloading them all right now and I don't feel the slightest unease that I've oversold it.

In fact, I just downloaded two more Lanyon novels. I'm on a binge. :P