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Cowgirls Don't Cry - Lorelei James Okay, I'm rounding this one up to 4 stars from about 3.6.

Right off the top the book loses an entire star for the prologue. Now infamous, it was really a terrible way to start this story. The writing didn't rise to the more recent LJ standard and the situation was OOC for both leads. The location was out of the blue and wasn't used again so it was distracting. I have this feeling that it might have been a set up for a later book since there was some vague reference to Brandt's brothers or cousins being there, but we never saw them or what they were doing.

Skip the prologue altogether is my advice. It isn't necessary for the story and it starts the whole thing off with a very bad vibe.

The story itself is okay. It has some lulls and Jessie got on my nerves a few times, but overall it was a good installment. The last 25% of the story saves the whole thing, IMO, and reminds me of why I enjoy this author so much. She so often gives the reader the unexpected, yet totally believable plot progression and I love that. Her "slice of life" storytelling is very good and the character chemistry is usually completely believable.

This was not as good as my favorites -- "Branded as Trouble" and "Raising Kane" -- but it's a decent installment anyway and I'm chomping at the bit for the next one (pun intended).