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Eternal Kiss of Darkness - Jeaniene Frost Whew! Mencheres is hot!

This was a good installment in the Night Huntress World series by Jeaniene Frost. Maybe better than Spade's book (although Spade is my #1 hunny bunny). I liked Kira more than Denise, as did many other readers, I think. She's much more capable right from the start and doesn't have a chip on her shoulder the whole way through. Part of the way, yes, but she's a very logical person and gets down to the facts she knows rather than jumping to emotion.

In any case, I loved Spade's book, but I liked this one even more.

I won't go into detail, as so many others have already reviewed this and, if you're planning on reading it, you're up on the world. Mencheres is tired of it all until he meets private investigator, Kira, when she jumps into a dangerous situation to save his life. Which, of course, didn't need saving because he's MENCHERES! And hot. Did I mention that?

Great background story on Mencheres, plenty of action, cameos by Bones and Cat and a featured role for another fan fave make this a book that's hard to put down.

Biggest problem (I think this is deja vu from First Drop of Crimson) was the lack of an epilogue or any time with the couple after the danger passes. Come on! We've stuck it out with them while their necks are on the line, can't we have just a few pages of unthreatened togetherness?

All-in-all a very good installment. I understand Vlad's getting his own book and I'm really counting on Ian getting a book too. Night Huntress fans -- enjoy! Those who haven't read Jeaniene Frost yet -- pick up Halfway to the Grave and get on this train!