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Camp Hell - Jordan Castillo Price This is a longer installment in the PsyCop series and it holds up well. Vic is still a mess with excellent justification for his paranoia. It's really a situation of not being able to trust anyone.

We actually revisit some of his time at Camp Hell and get more information about all those forms his friends and acquaintances have had to fill out. It's definitely a harrowing situation and I can't imagine how Price is going to develop it. Poor Vic is really walking a fine line.

Jacob and Vic's relationship is very well rendered here with some unexpected changes in their status and more elements to mine in the future. My only complaint there was that there was a bit too much sex padding the beginning. By 25% we'd already had three intense interludes and I started wondering if the plot was really going to get going. But get going it did and it was great.

I'm trying very hard not to give away any spoilers so I'm being vague. If you're thinking of reading this series, start at the beginning, it's well worth it.

I was thrilled to see that this wasn't the end of our PsyCop experience and I can't wait to read the next one.