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Sweet Release - Pamela Clare So, this review is a bit ill fated. It kept getting erased while I typed so I copied it to a file on my computer and now that file's disappeared. Is this the haunted title that won't be reviewed? Yikes!

This is Pamela Clare's first novel and it's set in colonial Virginia. That right there is enough to start the book on a positive note for me. I love Virginia and I love American history. Woo hoo!

Not many historical romance authors bother with this time and place and I'm so glad that Clare has taken it upon herself to give us this unique subset of the genre. As always, her research is thorough, her love scenes are scintillating, and her characters have chemistry mixed with humor and angst.

Alec, heir to a ship-building empire, has been brutally thrust into a dangerous situation where he finds himself an indentured felon with a brand new name. Cassie has purchased his indenture in a moment of ill-advised compassion and worries she'll come to regret it.

There are a lot of intriguing characters including a couple of truly evil ones and a few annoying twits. There are also some interesting conversations relevant to the times, particularly regarding slavery. There's adventure, action and suspense. And the romance works.

Apparently this title might not be available soon, so snap it up while you can.