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I read. I write. I talk about reading and writing. That is when I'm not driving kids somewhere or teaching them. Married, educated, domesticated. I really enjoy the friends I've met through a variety of different message boards and venues regarding reading and authors. I try to take a positive view when I write reviews but sometimes I can't. Those times are few and far between, but they do exist. I'm mostly an old softy, though. I think so anyway.

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Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, #2) - Ilona Andrews Another great one. Already ordered the used version of the third in the series so I should be plowing through this whole thing within a week or two. Then I'll get started on her online content and then I'll pout because I don't have anything left.

This is really enjoyable urban fantasy. The world is a little futuristic and a little primitive at the same time. Awash with magic for hours and then bereft. In this installment the Magic was leading up to a flare and, of course, very strange things were happening.

A lot of suspense and a lot of icky characters. Ilona Andrews doesn't pull punches either when describing what happens to a body that's been sliced a few times with a sword of power. Don't read this on your lunch break is all I'm sayin'.

Foreshadowing of a Curren/Kate romance is strong but teasingly unfulfilled. That's fine. The best things come to those who wait. I prefer not to have it all dumped in my lap in one book. This way I can get used to the idea along with Kate.

One thing I loved is the information we learned. Often authors use the second book for filler and give you the info you're looking for in the third or fourth. This one answered a lot of questions about the various secrets Kate has to hide. Enough info that I don't know everything, but I can't wait to find out how it will affect the story line and eventually play out.

So far I'm three for three with Ilona Andrews. The biggest problem I have with her books is my inability to put them down once I've started. I really got nothing done today because I couldn't stop reading. Which is one of the reasons I waited until I'd finished to place the order for the next one. I'll have a couple of days to prepare for the binge.