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Crazy Wild - Tara Janzen About 3.75 for the action, as silly as it was. At least it wasn't nearly as messy as the previous installment, with fewer POVs and one straight forward plot. The romance was a little odd, though.

Cody Stark is a wanted woman. Involved with the Russian mafia, labeled a terrorist, she's hiding out in Denver working as a librarian. She's in danger not only from the bad guys, but from the "good" guys as well.

Creed Rivera, fresh off a spree of vengeance against his torturers and the killers of his best friend in South America, is tasked with watching her at the library and bringing her into Steele Street headquarters if possible. It's supposed to be a pretty low-key assignment, all things considered, although none of his colleagues thinks he's stable enough to be working any assignment, especially not one with a nuclear warhead at the end of it.

Can a warrior in PTSD overdrive and an accidental terrorist find love in the middle of a blizzard in Denver, Colorado?

You betcha!

All in one night, too.

That's the problem. It's kind of cool that we can see their chemistry evolve over one incredibly action-filled night, but ultimately it feels unfinished. We go a long time -- the majority of the book -- before Cody fills Creed in on the whole truth of things, and that may have been a sticking point for me. After a while I didn't want that stuff hanging out there, I wanted them to connect on a level beyond physical and there was just too much baggage for me to believe in anything more than sexual attraction.

The secondary romance is pretty interesting, however, and I look forward to seeing more of that.

Yes, I'm continuing this silly series. It's outlandish fun and Janzen is extremely devilish about teasing future couples, so I guess I'm in for a while.