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Ruthless - Anne Stuart This was my first Anne Stuart. I really like her writing and I'm definitely going to read the rest of this series.

If there were the half star option (why is there never a half star option?) I'd give this 4.5. The "hero" is compelling and I can see why the heroine falls for him, but I can't see why she would ever trust him. He's just so good at playing the dissipated rake, I don't see how any woman committed to him wouldn't be looking over her shoulder for the surprise heartbreaking gossip she'll inevitably hear. What we know of him tells us this won't happen (or if it does it will be spiteful and dishonest), but I have a hard time believing the heroine would know and trust this. Which makes the abrupt ending and lack of epilogue dissatisfying.

Naturally I'm hoping this couple will appear again so I can see them living their successful HEA, but I'm still too haunted by doubts to give this the full five stars it might have had if we'd had just that little bit more.

From what I can glean from others Stuart reviews, she seems to write rather disturbing circumstances for her leads. This definitely had a cringe-worthy back story for one of them, so be prepared for that.

As I said, I will definitely be reading the following books in this series. I'll probably go for some of Stuart's backlist as well. I'm glad I gave her a try.