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Body and Soul - Jordan Castillo Price Another solid 4.5. These short novels are really addicting. I'm going to take a break now, though, if it kills me.

Vic has another new partner. This one is Zigler, a guy you could peg as a cop from a mile away. A fire plug of muscle with a big 'ol cop-stache and a stoic perspective. It's an awkward match, but they've got a crime to solve.

This book was the best one so far. There was a subplot where Vic and Jacob were looking for a place to move in together and then there was the crime mystery itself. The whole reading experience was richer and the book felt more complete by the end.

A couple of small complaints. Vic obsessed quite a bit over telling his new partner he's gay. It wasn't a whole book thing, but it did make me nervous that we might see more of that. His acceptance of his gender pref was one of the things I found so refreshing and to see him start obsessing over it was disappointing. I kind of understand why he did, but it went on for too long.

Complaint number two is that I felt the mystery could have been wrapped up with a little more explanation of what the bad guys hoped to achieve. I didn't quite get that.

And, last complaint: every love scene begins with Jacob walking Vic backward to a wall, crowding him into a corner, maneuvering him bodily toward a hard surface to mash against him. What follows is fine, but I wish every sex scene didn't begin with the same move.

Minor complaints. I'm totally hooked on this series.