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Crazy Hot - Tara Janzen Actually between a 3.5 and 3.75 rounded up.

Dina's review pegs this book as a Summer blockbuster. and I think that's the perfect description. Fast cars, sexy males, sexy females, a fairly basic danger/mystery plot and bad guy meanies.

Quinn and Regan met way back when most of the Steele Street guys got pulled out of their various criminal problems to become a crew for paleontologist, Wilson McKinney, Regan's grandfather. Regan and Quinn were both about 16 and he walked in on her when she was changing clothes one day. They never really talked but they spent the ensuing years fantasizing about each other. I thought that was a great way to cover over the insta-love device found in so much romantic suspense.

But have no fear, insta-love does make an appearance with another couple, so we're covered on that front.

For most of the book I was pleasantly diverted. There were some funny lines, funny descriptions, and I felt the pacing was very good.

Until the big finish. That's when TSTL raises its ugly head. Or rather her ugly head, because it's always the woman, isn't it? The really big TSTL move did end up saving lives, but it was the old "just a few blocks, just a few minutes ...." TSTL we see so often that really got my goat. Regan suddenly became the girl who would hear a sound outside the cabin in the middle of the night and go investigate it in her underwear (Evil Dead reference for those who don't know). She wasn't stupid and she was very scared leading up to that point so that whole plot point felt forced, cliche and lazy.

Still, I enjoy popcorn and the fast cars are kind of fun. I actually mourned Jeanette at the end. Poor ugly beast. :(

Anyway, I'll go on to the next one too. I'm intrigued by Christian Hawkins and I figure he'll get pretty turned around. He has it coming after "taking liberties" in the line of duty, I'd say.