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As Luck Would Have It - Alissa Johnson This is the first in the "Providence" series which focuses on the HEAs of a group of people who grew up together (as a result of being orphaned or related). I've read two of them and so far I've been consistently impressed.

I read the second book, "Tempting Fate", before this one and I kind of wish I hadn't. There are a few things that make more sense if you read in order. Especially because there is a "spy" through line. It doesn't ruin the experience, I just think it's probably better going in order.

Alex and Sophie are a great couple. They spark immediately, the chemistry soars and there's a lot of humor involved. My only real problem is that the "obstacle" was contrived and, the longer it went on, the less I believed it. Because you often have to deal with these tropes when you're reading HR, it's not a deal breaker. But the surrounding plotting is nice enough that the contrivance sticks out like a sore thumb.

Johnson is an excellent writer. She has two more books available in this series and I've already bought them. I highly recommend her as a new-to-you author to fans of light historical romance. It does have it's angst and some of the backstories are terribly sad, but ultimately the stories are delightful.