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Tempting Fate (Leisure Historical Romance) - Alissa Johnson Thanks, Goodreads friends! I have been looking for new historical romance authors and Alissa Johnson fills the bill. She tells a funny, sweet story with characters I like and want to see happy. That's all I've ever asked of my light HR. Is it really so hard? Maybe it is, but Johnson gives it to me anyway.

Her style is very much like Julia Quinn with a lot of witty banter and some silly situational comedy. Tempting Fate is the story of two people who grew up together, reveling in their incessant acrimony. They baited one another, played tricks on each other and dropped about ten years from their maturity level every time they entered the other's breathing space. It would be annoying if their barbs weren't so hilarious and equally delivered.

Making a deal to please a loved one, they call a truce. All it takes is about one day for them to realize they enjoy not fighting just as much, if not more, than they enjoy fighting. The romance blossoms believably and without false obstructions.

There is a danger plot that comes in at the end that's fairly convoluted, but it's a nice set piece to show how dedicated and committed this couple is.

Bonus: for the moment, Johnson is published by a reasonable publisher who doesn't rip the reader off on the e-books. I'm buying all the rest of her releases today before they can change their minds.