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Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs I liked this one so much more than the first in the series. The story was more cohesive and the leads were much more likable.

These stories belong to both Charles and Anna, but I see a lot more focus on Anna. She's the one evolving the most in the shortest amount of time. Charles's evolution is more subtle and the need is not as apparent. In this, the second installment of Briggs's "Alpha and Omega" series, the balance of the two characters is just right.

I did figure out who one of the main villains was early on, but that didn't hamper the suspense at all since I still couldn't put all the pieces together. Briggs is very clever that way.

I didn't love Anna so much in the last book. I tried not to compare her to Mercy (of Briggs's "Mercy Thompson" series), and I think I did okay, I just think she was at a point in her recovery (and acceptance of her new situation) where she was difficult to connect with. But in this book her personality comes to the fore and she's much more enjoyable. Making jokes, taking risks, and kicking a** when necessary. I really liked her. More like Mercy, but not at all like Mercy. Which is why Briggs is one of my new favorite authors.

Charles is a great character. He's having a hard time adjusting as well, but he's learning. That Anna can calm him and soothe him when his life is so darkened by his duty to his father is very romantic and plays out well.

I put off reading this book (I bought it at a UBS over a month ago) for a long time because 1) there won't be a new one for at least a few months, and 2) Briggs is published by Penguin who I'm currently boycotting. But I'm glad I finally broke. I neglected everything I could and read most of yesterday and part of this morning (between kiddo interruptions of course) and enjoyed it immensely.

For those who demand romance with their urban fantasy, this might be the Briggs you're looking for, although I think it's best when paired with the Mercy Thompson series, I think it might be able to stand on its own.