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Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage -  Jennifer Ashley I'm just in love with this series. I mean, seriously in love. Like, get married, buy a house together and have 2.5 kids in love.

This follow-up to the remarkable "The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie" has just as much angst, romance, spark, sensuality and suspense as its predecessor. "Mac" MacKenzie is a wonderful tortured hero and Isabella is a complex, brave heroine. They are both deeply in love and readily admit it, but so much has happened and they both still hurt so much, you wonder if they can simply cross that great divide.

Enter a PROBLEM that Isabella notices and thinks Mac should know about. That tiny gesture opens the door and they begin their journey back to each other and it is absolutely lovely.

We see some of our old friend Ian which I applaud as he seems to be the "glue" for the series. I hope we continue to see him in subsequent books in the series -- I'm already dying for the next one and it's not due out until next year!

A few new characters were introduced and they seem like people we might see in stories of their own. I thought Isabella's sister had great potential and we know that Ainsley will be Cam's love interest. I do like Ashley's heroines in these books. They're strong, but they're vulnerable. Not Mary Sues, but obviously and believably essential to the happiness and well being of their heroes.

And now, since I picked up some Ashley bargains for my Kindle, I'm going to follow this one up with one from the backlist. Yay for me!