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Perils of the Heart - Jennifer Ashley I got this book because I loved The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie and this is, apparently, Ashley's first foray into romance. You can definitely see the talent, although the romance itself is a little weak.

I had problems with the hero. He was bossy, as most of them are, but he never quite seemed to get a handle on the heroine. She was beyond naive, but still likable enough. But they never really talked to each other. I was always wondering where the chemistry came from. And to have him always ordering her around ... where was the joy in their getting to know one another?

I give it four stars because Ashley is an author worth reading. She's got an impressive way with words and her love scenes are sensual and meaningful. And it's nice to see the roots when I've been so recently blown away.

The story is ludicrous, but that's what makes it fun. Occasionally one of the main characters will go back over everything that's happened and pretty much say "good Lord!" It's a pretty fun ride.

I was hoping for a sequel, but I haven't found it so far. I'd be glad for a heads up if anyone knows of one. Otherwise, I'll read some more of her back list. They're fabulously affordable. This one was only $2.99 on e-book!